Sunday, March 09, 2014

Spring Cleaning on The Jeep Geo-Mobile

A sunny Sunday in March is a great time to give a Spring cleaning to the Jeep AKA "The Geo-mobile". After a rainy, slushy Winter the Jeep needed a cleaning inside and out. Helping me with the cleaning was Keelong The Panda Bear Travel Bug; A Travel Bug is an object that has a set of dog tags attached that act as identifying tags so you can see what the object is and where it wants to go. Sometimes its to a certain country, sometimes its a place or places.

You can see that Keelong is a bit dirty - the result of a few muddy 4X4'ng trips with me. Maybe he should have gotten a Spring cleaning too!

The Jeep is already vacuumed, so he is allowed in now - Windex at the ready to do the windows. Did you get your eye on the yellow sticker? It says L.L.A P. - any idea what it stands for? I'll give you a comes from Vulcan, Alberta.

Supervising from the hood Keelong has a good view of the work done so far....

Doors are getting closed, hose and a pail full of soap is coming out soon - Keelong better find another place to sit! Time for me to put the camera down, roll up the sleeves and get back to work.

Just as Keelong has dog tags, so does my Jeep. I use them to keep track of my mileage traveled between geocaches - so far I have over 48,000 miles under my belt in the pursuit of lock and lock sandwich containers hidden in the forest. If you are a fellow geocacher and you see the Jeep, write down the TB numbers and log your sighting of me Out and About!    

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