Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bike Ride To Conquer Cancer 2010 - Surrey BC to Redmond Wa

One of the many fund raisers for cancer is the Bike Ride to Conquer Cancer; the Vancouver ride goes from Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, south into Washington state ending at Redmond Wa.

The riders cover 250Ks in 2 days, with the first night's camp is Mt. Vernon. The ride is very well organized, with many "sweeper" teams follwing along with the riders in case some one is unable to finish the ride. As well, numerous bike mechanics are on the road with riders, plus there are bike mechanics at each pit stop and at camp. They even have roving medical teams, all this co-ordinated through a communications section.

Annette had signed up to do the ride this year, and her friend Connie volunteered to go along with Annette. They spent most of Christmas and the Spring collecting donations through such fund raising items as dog biscuit wreaths and making bracelets with various cancer symbols on them.

Two months before the ride, while Annette and Connie were on a training ride, Annette had an unpleasant meeting with the ground and  broke her wrist. Six weeks in a cast and no way she was going to be able to ride on that special weekend. Annette opted instead to become a crew member with the Ride, and Connie decided to continue with the Ride on her own. Larry, Connie's husband stepped up to the plate and said that he would ride in Annette's place. A pretty big step up to agree to an endurance ride with little training.

As it was, Connie and Larry are in excellent shape, and they were able to do the entire ride with surprising ease - very impressive! Annette was kinda down about not being able to ride but she was glad she went along anyways to help out how ever she could.

The story is best told through the video; I couldn't possibly describe the ride as well as the video can, no matter how good you think I am!  :)
Watch for Annette and Connie to do the Ride next year - they are talking about the Calgary Ride next time!

If the video is too wide for the blog page, go to my YouTube channel to watch