Sunday, June 09, 2013

Saturday Work On The Back Yard

After three weekends of rain, we finally had a Saturday that was nice and had 4 yards of topsoil delivered. Four yards doesn't sound that bad, until it's dumped in front of your house and you realize what a big pile that is!
It doesn't look so big from this view, better get somebody working on this right away! Lets see, who can I trick into doing this?
Ahh, what a soldier...rolling up her sleeves and getting right into it!
Annette is showing off her artistic side as she arranges the dirt around the shrubs and trees
So where did all that dirt go? Hard to see it as it seems to just disappear. We raised all the garden areas by 5-6 inches of which the first couple of inches will compact with the first good rain
New topsoil requires new garden lights - here big flower lights will shine at night
The left over topsoil is parked on the patio waiting to be tucked in a few corners here and there till the last of it has disappeared.
Sunday night this guy decided to take an apre-dinner stroll through the neighbourhood....good thing we were all finished in the yard and the BBQ meal had been cooked and the grills cleaned off so as not to attract him to the house.