Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cop Toys

The missus and I did a couple of errands at the local mall on Sunday, and we came across the RCMP and the local Search and Rescue hosting a "show and shine" of their latest toys. The picture above is an old Cougar donated by the Canadian Armed Forces; these 6 wheel drive tactical armoured vehicles have found new life serving as combat vehicles for the RCMP. One was used just a couple of days ago here in Maple Ridge when it was used to push a murder suspects vehicle into the ditch to contain the suspect and eliminate his avenue of escape. Unfortunately the suspect had mental health issues and came out of his van shooting, which resulted in his death. The positive was that none of the RCMP members were injured in the standoff.
RCMP member having a robot play with the kids....the kids thought it was great! Note the larger robot on the right, that one was being worked by remote control by another member just out of camera view.


High resolution cameras, water cannon, mechanical grip, laser, gun, and other neat gadgets are all worked from this remote control box. To all the police officers out there......thank you for taking care of us day after day......