Friday, February 21, 2014

Danish Roots Found - Visit To Denmark

As Annette and I had gotten a taste of Europe by travelling to London and Paris on two different occasions, we were ready for some place a little farther on the European mainland. Annette had her sights on Belgium, and I thought as long as we were in the neighbourhood, I wanted to visit Denmark - land of Vikings and populated with people with names like "Pedersen".

Rick Steeves the travel guy had visited Copenhagen in Denmark  on one of his shows and ever since I had wanted to go there and touch bases with my Father's roots. So, off to Europe we go to explore the "old countries". In Denmark we visited to the Island of Aero where many of my family members are from; in particular we visited the town of Aeroskobing, one of the main towns on this small island.

 Turns out I have many distant cousins living in Denmark; and, through joining a Descendants of Aero FaceBook group, and a FaceBook group of Aero residents, I have recently found many family relations. Some are close by, in the form of a cousin who lives less than a day's drive away, and another, whom runs the Aero FaceBook page on Aero and is apparently a distant cousin 9 or 10 generations back....I can't even think what that makes him to me. First cousin 9 times removed, 9th cousin on my Father's side? Who knows...all I know is that is pretty interesting to go from knowing very little about your heritage to having an explosion of  familial knowledge at your fingertips!

Click here to be taken to my Flickr page where you can view all the pictures of our visit to Aero.

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