Sunday, September 27, 2015

Denmark 2015 - Last Day In Copenhagen And Then Set Sail For Norway

After leaving the Island of Aero and our new found cousins we had one day more to explore Copenhagen before our cruise left for the fjords of Norway.
This short chapter shows our last visit to a restaurant and pictures taken as we left Copenhagen harbour aboard our ship.


So, one of the first things we had to do was go to Cafe Norden so Ken could visit this iconic restaurant where one of his beloved characters in a novel eats whenever he visits Copenhagen.
We meandered around on the Stroget visiting corners of the neighbourhood we had not yet explored on previous visits until Ken's stomach told him it was time for lunch. OK, here we go folks, the highlight of Ken's to Cafe Norden. In the picture above Ken is proudly holding up a beer with the Cafe Norden logo on the glass, and the Cafe Norden menu.....pretty sure he would have stolen the menu if he thought he could get away with it.

Ed settled for a Fanta Orange as his fave Pepsi is not always available in fine dining establishments.

 Yes, this was as filling as it looks....both Ken and I had these and it took all of our manly will power to finish the meal. The food was pretty good and we paid a pretty good price for the meal as well. For two burgers and a beer and a drink we paid $90.00. Double the price of back home in Canada for the same type of meal. No worries though, we were on holidays and money is there to spend to help you enjoy the trip.

A selfie for Linda and Ken....

A selfie for Ed and Annette, then off for a walkabout before we head back to the hotel for the night.

Here is our cabin on the Norwegian Star of Norwegian Cruise Lines; we always like to have an outside cabin so we can see the scenery as we cruise past and we love to wake up and open the curtains to see the new city we have just arrived at.

It's only May in Northern Europe and Winter won't quite go away to let the warm Spring arrive, so I don't think the water slides will see much action on this trip.

Inside we found the usual fanciness of a cruise ship atrium; due to the ports of call we would make, namely in tight fjords, the ship chosen for the trip was a smaller vessel which provided a certain amount of comfortableness with it's smaller size.

As we waited to depart numerous smaller cargo vessels came into dock reminding us that Copenhagen is a central hub for commerce.

Our destinations lay out to sea, past the wind turbines that are as common as diesel cars in Scandinavia.

First day at sea and we are already playing shuffle board....this could be a long trip folks.  :)

 After dinner we ambled down to the show theater to watch the entertainment for the night. They had a variety style of shows over the week....acrobats, tumblers, sing and dance shows by the talented NCL singers, and a couple of stand alone singers. 

And of course there is the requisite animal waiting on our beds courtesy of the turn down service.

One day at sea and then the first stop is on the horizon...Alesund Norway!