Sunday, January 18, 2009

Abbotsford Meet & Greet

The Chilliwack Caching group held a mid-winter meet and greet in a local restaurant as a way of keeping cachers in touch with each other. Not many folks have been out for the past few weeks with all the snow and freezing temperatures, so this was a good chance to say "hello" again to old friends and meet some new ones.

They meet was held in Abbotsford to make it a bit more central to Chillwack cachers coming from the east, and Lower Fraser Valley cachers coming from the west.

It was good to see familiar faces again, and it was also good to see some new faces; some folks were just starting out in the sport, and others hadn't attended past events as they were too far away from home.

Oh, if you are wondering why some folks are walking around with towels around their neck, it's part of a challenge cache where you have to find 42 caches in one day, have your picture taken with 42 cachers, find 42 geocoins, etc, and the towel around your neck is part of the challenge..

I made a short video of the day and you can see it by clicking on the arrow in the screen below.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Snow...And Lots of It !!

ABOVE: my house in the snow

Made a short video about all the snow we have here in Maple Ridge; it started Dec 22 and pretty well kept coming until today, Jan 3 2009.
You can watch the video by clicking in the centre of the image below...