Friday, August 14, 2009

8,000 Visitors !

After writing trip reports for various web groups I belonged to, such as the Full Size Jeep club and the BackRoads Driver group, both on, I decided that I wanted to have my own site where I could post trip reports and stories that crossed multiple interests.

I was originally thinking of having my own web site, but decided that a blog was easier to do and would fill the need. On Oct 2 2006 I launched my blog and added some trip reports and pictures from my "archives".

Here we are, not quite 3 years later, and I now have 74 entries on my blog, and have had over 8,000 visitors! WOW, that's more that ever thought would be honest I don't know how many I was expecting to visit when I entered the online world.

Things I did foresee; my still writing of trip reports and putting pictures up on my Flickr site so every one could "come" along the trip with me, in the virtual world if not in the real world.
I expected some family members and a few close friends and a few 'Net friends to visit over time.

Things I did not foresee? I certainly did not envision having people from around the world take an interest in my site; I did not foresee hits from over 40 countries on my counter; I did not foresee myself getting into video and making short films about geocaching, off-road exploring and other exploits I get myself into.

What really amazes me is how my simple plan of having a web presence has morphed into a larger world of videos, pictures, and stories supported through various media such as a Video editing tool, a Web blog, two web sites to store pictures, and an account on a video web site.

Not to mention the various web groups I belong to and have posted messages to and uploaded my media presentations to. I have even had one of my pictures of England used on This is a web site that is a combination map and picture site...

So here's to the next milestone of 10,000; which now doesn't seem that far away...

PS If you want to know how far back I go with my trip reports on the web, here's a clue. I found one of my original stories archived on a friend's web site; the date I wrote the story is May 26, 1997. Have a look at the early web days of Ed at

Thanks for visiting, and if you've enjoyed the site, please leave a comment at the bottom of this article or any other article you've enjoyed.

Ed Pedersen AKA tjguy98

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TESKELLY said...

8000 that is awesome.Congrats on all the success with many more years to come i'm sure. I know i'm probably in the dozens for my logon's to this site and looking to log on a few dozen more.