Friday, December 05, 2008

Travel Bug Hospital Caching Event in Surrey BC

Went to a caching event tonight hosted by Catapult Jeff and met the usual great group of cachers from around the Lower Mainland.

The event was listed as a chance to bring those travel bugs in need of some TLC to the "hospitable" to get fixed up, cleaned up, and back on the road to complete their mission in life.
MrTJ and I, tjguy98 (or as were known as, "The TJ Brothers"), attended the event and enjoyed the evening in the company of cachers we have known for a while. Plus we had the opportunity to meet some new cachers that we had not yet met up with on the trail.

The event was held at the ABC Restaurant in Surrey, and we had our own room for the group, which was nice way to do it.

Below is a 2 minute clip from the night; enjoy!

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