Sunday, September 07, 2008

Messing About in Maple Ridge

ABOVE: Trailhead for the Canyon Trail in Kanaka Creek Park

I made time for myself this week end to get out and do a little caching.; only the second time in months that I've been out playing.

As usual I fired off a few pictures, (you're lucky this time, only 20 or so) and I've put them up on my Flickr page to view. Click here to be magically swept away to Eddie's World.....


Tulameen Turtles said...

As for the hectic life - it's all temporary and you've got that beautiful back yard now.

Love the pictures!

Dustanne said...

This was a rockin' trip!!!!
I loved every minute of it, and even got to ride in the Turtles Turtle Tank.
I can only sum up this trip one way...

Meeting new people = new friends
Connecting with others = good times
14 caches = close to 500
Seeing shells in rock = fossils
4X4in' = a bumpy ride
Going up Harrisson Lake FSR....

Twas a great day! Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one!