Monday, January 07, 2008

The Jeeps In The Wild

I haven't posted anything for a while for a very simple reason; I haven't been out any where recently!
But I know that there are many people coming back to the site looking for new postings, so I thought I should at least put something new up.

So what I did was find a bunch of old pictures of my two Jeeps while they were out in the mountains exploring the back country. Don't look for some wild 4X4 action, that's not my style.
I'm more into exploring the endless miles of forest service roads available in this corner of southern BC.

Follow the link here to go to my Flickr site and view the pictures as a slide show; by now you should remember how to see the captions for each picture as the slide show plays.

ENJOY! I did while I was out taking these pictures!

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cj said...

He Ed how are you.. Awesome pictures.